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Why having great content isn’t enough

More and more I see brand strategists and other thought leaders talking about the importance of having great content on their sites to improve traffic and drive consideration. I’m of the belief that simply isn’t enough. Yes, great content, keyword strings, sound coding and SEO are all really important for getting people to your site. – Read More –


Damming the Twitter stream

This morning I was following more than 900 people, and even with Tweetdeck, I decided that it was just information overload. I had to narrow my scope and damn the gushing stream of information, only allowing relevant (to my newly intended purpose) tweets to trickle through. A few posts back, I wrote about how I – Read More –


Is 2009 the year of the Conversation Officer?

Back in October, Joe Jaffe (@jaffeejuice) wrote a case study for the US Postal Service’s Deliver Magazine. In the study he discusses a trend he sees coming by 2012 – the development of the “Chief Conversation Officer.” Jaffe says the Chief Conversation Officer will replace the traditional Chief Marketing Officer, serving as the true conduit – Read More –

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