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Searching For Brand Salvation? Be Strategic, Skeptical

Instead of simply patching the holes with tactics, wouldn’t it be better to eschew the promises of salvation made by individual practitioners and start thinking more skeptically in regards to your marketing/advertising campaigns?


I’m Not A Social Media Expert And Neither Are You

It seems as if every time I attend a networking event I’m meeting new social media “experts,” “gurus,” “ninjas” and “rockstars.” Quite frankly, I’m not a social media expert, and damn it, neither are you. Want to know who the real “rockstars” are? They’re people. Real, honest, people; with real, honest faces. The people who – Read More –


How To: Avoid Invisibility With Your Personal Brand

Are you sure you want to be as transparent and public as I am? If the answer is yes, here’s my brief how-to on the best ways to stop being invisible online and through careful building of your personal brand and web presence.

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