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By 04/22/2013 April 19th, 2016 Content Strategy
Confab London Programme by Sean Tubridy

I’m now two weeks removed from a fantastic experience at Confab London. I had some fantastic conversations about the future of the practice of content strategy and was more than encouraged by the reaction I received for my talk “Mental Modelling For Content Work.”

Listing for Mental Modelling Talk in Confab London Program

The presentation has grown from original version I tackled for Midwest UX 2012, mostly because this is something I have actually been doing more regularly on my work for Ford. I’ve had a lot of requests to craft this process into a workshop (something I’m strongly considering) and will be updating some of the original posts I crafted for the topic last year at some point in the next few weeks. If you’re interested in those posts you can find them here:

1. Mental Modeling for Content Work: An Introduction
2. Mental Modeling For Content Work: Information Gathering
3. Mental Modeling For Content Work: Creation

If you missed my talk, you can view the slides here. I’ll add some audio to this presentation later.

Thoughts on the conference

As was usual, the Confab Events team did a fantastic job running and managing this conference. It was well run, smooth, organized and provided a caliber of speakers covering the content strategy discipline that are difficult to find anywhere else. What Confab has been able to do is provide attendees a good mix of practical application and content strategy 101 and mix in the appropriate amount of heady, academic stuff that we all need to hear to continue to push the discipline forward. This, being my third Confab, was the first that I can recall that I heard some serious discussions coming from non-speakers around how the basics related to content strategy may not be going deep enough.

I for one am welcoming more discourse around the elements of content strategy related to information architecture and user experience and am certainly keen on seeing more debate on the whole content marketing vs. content strategy conversation.

Either way, I was proud to be part of Confab London and am hopeful for more discourse on these topics moving forward. Were you there? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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