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April 2009


How To: Avoid Invisibility With Your Personal Brand

Are you sure you want to be as transparent and public as I am? If the answer is yes, here’s my brief how-to on the best ways to stop being invisible online and through careful building of your personal brand and web presence.


‘Transformation’ Was A Necessity For Detroit Papers

A little over a week ago the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News made major changes to their product offerings and moved to a limited home delivery. And while the The Detroit Media Partnership changes are not even a month old, I’m of the opinion that the bold and forward thinking moves that leadership – Read More –


I’m not dead yet.

I’ve been absent here for quite a while. I have lots of reasons for that. The number one reason being that I took a new position as Senior Communication Manager and Counselor at a Communication Management and Counseling firm in Detroit called Bassett & Bassett Inc. The transition has been a VERY busy one. At – Read More –