Uncovering The Forest

I've spent three years in the trees. This year I'm taking on the forest.

Mountains Covered With Mist

Constant. Forward. Progress.

Exploring New Paths

Since I launched my consultancy back in 2016, I haven't taken much of the advice I give to my clients and I haven't given this space the attention or love that it deserves. Thankfully, that's all changing. With the birth of a new year, I'll present a new space and talk about some new offerings.

I'm excited to have some case studies showing off a little of my client work the past three years and start sharing more of my thoughts on customer experience, business and consulting life.

Growing With Intention

At the end of 2018, I deepened my strategic partnership with Simantel, a world-class marketing and media agency. Where my work in content strategy, customer experience, training benefits them, they provide me with the ability to deliver turnkey solutions for our clients. From research and strategy, to creative and insights, I'm able to provide solutions that I'd never have dreamed to be able to offer three years ago.

Want Updates?

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